If not from love, where are we coming from?


I was recently working with a lady in her seventies.  She had come to me greatly distressed about certain events that had recently taken place within her family.  She was feeling deeply hurt and angry.  She was also feeling betrayed and rejected.  Her pain was obvious.  It reminded me of my own pain in situations where I too have felt rejected, angry and hurt. 


When I asked her how she was going to respond to this situation, she said she wanted to take revenge.  Once again, I too could relate to similar feelings of wanting the parties whom I believed had caused me hurt to feel some of the hurt themselves.  As we talked, I slowly began reminding us both of the common experiences we have had of causing ourselves pain when we wish others pain. 


The fact of the matter is that anything that is not done in love is plainly and simply unloving.  Whether it is done in the name of justice or self-defence or creativity, if it is not done with loving intent, it is unloving J. And, as I am sure we have all experienced, unloving thoughts/intentions give rise to actions that always cause us pain, whether or not they appear to cause others pain.  If for no other reason, this surely is good reason to seek to act out of love.  When we understand this, then we can see why it is not so much our actions that cause pain, but the intent/motivation behind those actions that is the primary cause of our pain. 


Once we are convinced that to act out of any space other than love is counterproductive, we can draw on the amazingly wonderful power of intention:  May I seek to act from the space of love.  This intention must be made with our ‘full being’, mind, body and spirit/heart.


Being naturally creative and obedient, the mind is now freed from its conditioned, unloving (fearful) space and is ready to navigate the open, limitless field of infinite possibilities.  From here, we find ourselves thinking and acting in ways that are nothing but loving.  It is a truly marvellous experience.  If you haven’t already tried it, please give it a go.  You will not be disappointed :-) 


In love, Lucy