A blog about Inner Happiness, Consciousness and Freedom!
"What can I tell you about happiness that you don’t already know at the very core of your being?  You may have ‘forgotten’ perhaps, as I have.  But let’s remember, together.  Let's return to the original Self we long for - that Self that is forever at peace, forever joyous, limitless, powerful, abundant and free!  And as we do, let's become Conscious Creators, Bold Adventurers, creatively exploring infinite possibilities as we flow in this enchanting journey we casually call Life!"

Imagine every joyous desire in this season of hope and happiness


Peace in your heart
Joy in your spirit
Love in every thought, word and deed…
Imagine it…
Intend it…
Allow it…
And so it is…

Dear Friend

May you feel the presence of angels
Around you at all times
May you hear their sweet singing
Upon the tinkling of their harps
May you rest softly in their arms
And soar high upon their wings
May their good tidings remind you
That you are blessed now and always
May this Christmas be a time of
Wonder, Hope and Faith that now
And in the year to come,
And in every moment
You are in Love’s inescapable presence!
Blessings of Joy, Abundance, Power and Peace!

Love always,

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