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Prayer of Healing Part 2

The mind-body continuum is a wonderful thing. It is tempting and habitual to think of ‘them’ as two when ‘they’ really are one, so that anything that happens locally affects the system globally. It’s powerful stuff, used with great effect by all sorts of people with all sorts of interests including sport, healing and transmigration!

The effect of thought and imagination (which is a more multi-modal experience engaging several senses) is felt almost instantly throughout the mind-body system. Men and adolescent boys are known to use this for instant physical and emotional gratification! I’m not saying they are the only ones who do, but they happen to be one of the most recognized groups of users :-)

Which brings me to an anecdote I related to my friend on the phone last night. Not quite in the genre of sexual gratification but involving a teenage boy nonetheless :-)

A few years ago, my then 14 year-old son returned home late afternoon from a weekend with his dad. He was emotionally and physically exhausted following a week of intensive football training. He was also running a high temperature and could barely walk. As if that wasn’t enough, he had begun wheezing quite severely, something that happens rarely for him but proves debilitating when it does.

I was in the middle of preparing dinner as we had some guests that evening. As he lay on the bed in my healing room, he groaned somewhat anxiously. I soon took him a warm infusion of fresh lemon, ginger and honey and sat on the bed holding the cup while he took labored sips. I sensed he was afraid, afraid that his body was attacking him.

I closed my eyes as he continued sipping. After a while, I was moved to say the following:

Do you think your body is trying to hurt you? Do you think it wants you dead? If it did, you would be dead by now. Your body is just telling you that what you’ve been doing so far needs to stop, for now at least. It’s forcing you to take a break because you need it. Your body wants to give you a rest. It is using this sickness to force you to rest, review and recover. And not just your body, but your mind too. Especially your mind.

Now, do you want to cooperate with them or do you want to fight them or give up on them, treating them as your enemy? They don’t need to be ‘fixed’ but your thinking about them and about other things needs to change. What do you say? Cooperate by understanding that they are really trying to help you or keep thinking how dreadful all this is and how you’re under attack?

Even with my eyes closed, I felt a shift in the energy field we were in as I finished speaking. I opened my eyes and noticed a brightness in my son’s. He finished the rest of the drink and I went to finish cooking dinner.

About twenty minutes later, just as my guests and I were sitting down to our meal, my son appeared at the table, a new person! He smiled rather coyly. His temperature was gone. He had healed!

When we get sick, we tend to turn on our bodies with suspicion and distrust because we believe our bodies have turned against us. They haven’t. They are merely reflecting our deeper mental and emotional environment. They give us tangible clues, known as symptoms, about what is happening in the non-physical level of consciousness.

They don’t want us to fix the symptoms which are effects. Their clues are to point us to the causes. If we do not pay attention and make the necessary mental adjustments, the symptoms get stronger and last longer, not as some insidious form of punishment but as signals to restore our natural equilibrium, our natural state of grace. They prompt us to make changes, real changes, qualitative changes.

These kinds of changes are of the mind, of the mental – thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and sometimes call on the support of changes of the physical – diet, lifestyle, exercise etc. The first without the second may not always provide enough momentum or provide it quickly enough for healing. The second without the first merely masks the causes, postponing their effects to a later date.

Prayer helps us recognize and resolve the perceived separation of ourselves i.e. our mind-body from our natural state of wellbeing, of grace. It helps us experience this state of wellbeing, of grace, which is the ultimate life-force, love-force, divine force.

It restores us to the state of wholeness where mind and body are indeed of the all-encompassing One. It does this by adjusting our thinking for in reality, there is neither separation nor incompleteness. In reality, there is only wholeness, wellness and Oneness. In reality, there is only ever perfect health!

In love, Lucy
How shall I serve you, my Love?

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2 comments to Prayer of Healing Part 2

  • Lainey

    Thank you for the sharing Lucy….I also can relate to particularly my youngest daughter doing much the same, and when she becomes unwell it escalates to the point she stresses herself into making symptoms appear much worse, and she genuinely feels ill. Mind over body is an amazing tool so very powerful! and I also have seen her recoveries through getting her,to close her eyes,and look at the bigger picture of her symptoms, whilst I have been able to quietly help her to heal herself.

  • And all these experiences form powerful memories for our children to draw on! How good is that! There is really nothing to heal. Healing is simply allowing ourselves to be in our natural, wholeness!

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