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Bill Gates has an answer on happiness. But what is the question?

Image from Microsoft

I think everybody should get  rich and be famous and do everything he ever dreamed of so he can see that it’s not the answer to happiness.

Bill Gates

Are you perhaps thinking “Well, it’s all very well for him to say that!  Does he know what it’s like to be poor and insignificant and never have the ability to follow your dreams?”

I dare say that to some extent, Bill Gates does have the right to make a statement like that.  He’s got it all and has come to realize that it doesn’t equate with happiness.

He may not have been destitute (he did come from a wealthy family) or invisible (he did excel at school and University) and neither did he experience too many physical or material barriers to chasing his dreams.  However, compared to what he is and has, what he was and had could be considered significantly different.  Not necessarily less (which I think is the point that he is making) but different.

Happiness, it would seem, is an elusive thing.  According to Harvard psychologist, Daniel Gilbert, people are poor at remembering when they were happy, predicting if they are likely to be happy and can’t accurately say if they are generally happy.  It also seems that people are misinformed about the sources and causes of happiness!

If you asked them, most people would say that neither money/possessions, image/status nor achievements/accomplishments will make you happy.  Many will also say that ‘happiness is a choice‘ and that it is a state of mind.  But saying that doesn’t stop them from pursuing the big ticket items – money/possessions, image/status and achievements/accomplishments does it?  And how many actually attempt to achieve a ‘happy state of mind‘ by means other than the pursuit of money, image and or possessions which they ‘admit’ will not bring them happiness?

There’s no doubt that being unable to provide for your basic needs isn’t conducive to a ‘happy state of mind’.  (According to Daniel Gilbert, research shows that beyond a certain level of income, more money does not have a corresponding impact on people’s level of happiness).  Most of us, however, are beyond that point which is reflected at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Most of us are striving for much ‘more’ than our basic needs and one of the main reasons for that is that we have  confused our ‘needs’ with our ‘wants’. In the process, we have (ironically)  forgotten or lost sight of one of our most fundamental needs – the need to be free and happy!

Bill Gates suggests that money/possessions, image/status and achievements/accomplishments are not the answer to happiness.  But what is the question? What is the question that we all must answer yet we mostly neglect to ask?  Do you know?  Can you suggest what that question might be?  I’d love to know your thoughts.  It may the ‘million dollar question’!

Lucy Lopez – Hire me!

Naturally Happy

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3 comments to Bill Gates has an answer on happiness. But what is the question?

  • “What lies am I telling myself?” Is a good one. Or “What do I feel is my purpose?” – I agree with you 100% and this is an excellent post. Money, fame, clothes, status, etc… They are all something we seek to attain because we see it around us all the time. Glorified lives thanks to the media, and all of the amazing and fun things we would be able to do if we were rich…

    It’s all an illusion many refuse to acknowledge. I believe it has a lot to do with a feeling of unfulfillment or inadequacy. If you allow yourself to see the illusion, and that very illusion is what you sought for, for so long. Then what becomes your purpose? Your reason? What do you do from here?

    “What am I afraid of?” Would be fit to ask here. Letting go of these trivial things is one of the hardest things you can do, but once you allow yourself to do it life’s arms open wide open and you can see all of the joys life really has to offer. The meaning behind this post is excellent and I especially like the fact that it’s so open ended. :) Best post I’ve read today thus far. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for such a thoughtful response Chris. Your questions are spot on, I thin, every one of them. I especially like these: After seeing through the illusions, what becomes your purpose, what do you do from here?

    In other words, how do I adjust to truth having lived with mistruths/illusions/lies for as long as I care to remember?

    That is our spiritual awakening, I think, asking that question and negotiating the answer every step of the way :-)

    And yes, we are bombarded with ‘be more, do more, have more’ as an external enterprise rather than awakening to the internal/interior ‘more’ that we have always been!

  • [...] here is something that I would implore you to do for your immediate happiness :-).  In fact, get that ‘To Do’ list whether it’s on the fridge or buried in [...]

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