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How can I change my beliefs in order to support my affirmations?

I would like to enjoy every performance I give!

I allow myself to enjoy every performance I give!

I allow myself to enjoy this performance!

In my last post about affirmations and why they may not be working for you, I concluded by posing the question that would probably be on most people’s minds: How do I believe what I want to believe? Or put another way,

How do I change my beliefs?

Before I answer that question, let me do a quick recap.  For an affirmation to work, it must have your emotional support which is tightly locked into your beliefs, most of which are set in your subconscious mind. Stating something, no matter how many times, will not bring about a change in your thinking and in your internal or external reality if it is not something you truly believe. Finding happiness, or should I say, reconnecting with our natural state of happiness requires that we change our beliefs.

If you are familiar with the Bible, you may recall Jesus saying to Thomas (well known as ‘The Doubter’!) when Thomas asked for proof that the man in front of him was in fact Jesus who had ‘died and had risen from the dead’ :

You believe because you see.  Blessed are those who do not see yet believe.

Whether you take the death and resurrection of Jesus literally is irrelevant here.  What is relevant is what is said about believing.  Your beliefs, whether you are aware of them or not, whether you’ve consciously chosen them or not, whether you like them or not, create the experiences you have.

So, how do we change our beliefs?  Well, the first thing is to determine what you honestly believe.  Without knowing what it is that you believe at your core, how can you possibly change it?  Put another way, how can you change what you do not know?  You can’t.  What is more, the better you know something, the more familiar you are with it, the stronger the change you can effect.  If you only know something superficially, the change that you can effect will be…superficial.

If you have ever wondered why we have been urged, from the Buddha to Plato through to latter day spiritual masters, to ‘know thyself’, to ‘raise our self-awareness’, it is for this reason.  The more you get to know yourself, the more effectively you can bring about change.  In fact, what you will find is that the self-awareness itself changes you!  But more of that another time :-).

So, determine what you truly believe.  Then, ask yourself these questions:

Am I certain that what I believe is valid?  What evidence to I have to support it?

Is this belief helping me achieve what I want to achieve?

Is it helping me do it with ease and joy?

How do I feel when I am conscious of this belief?

Is this what I truly wish to believe?

How would I like to feel about what I believe?

What would I like to believe instead?

When you have determined what you would truly like to believe (which will probably match your affirmation), then you are ready to direct your subconscious mind.  But if you find that although you would like this affirmation to be true, you do not yet fully believe it, you can still summon emotional support by stating your affirmation in terms of what you would like to believe.

This is a powerful key to directing your otherwise resistant subconscious.  How?  Because you are not telling it anything you do not believe and because you have spontaneous and strong emotional support for what you would like to believe.

When I guide a client through this process, it is truly a thrill to watch how their entire body (or voice, if we are in an online session) yields to the truthfulness and possibility of ‘what I would like to believe’!  Their face invariably breaks into a smile.  Their body/voice, previously tense, relaxes and both of us can feel the free flow of creative energy, of ‘possibility energy’!  It is indeed a wonderful feeling as the subconscious and conscious mind are completely disarmed, stripped off all resistance!

You see, they are freed from the conflict raging within them about what they truly believe and what their affirmation is trying to persuade them to believe. Instead, they can honestly and willingly state what they want to believe backed my powerful, good-feeling emotions!

There is one final but critical step in this process – allowing.  Having stated your intention i.e. I would like to believe that…, you now need to give your mind permission to let it happen by allowing the intention to manifest:  I allow myself to…(state whatever it is you intend/desire)

Try it and let me know how you go.  Or if you have a question, feel free to email me!

Next time, I shall write about the role of visualization in using affirmations.  Oh, I just remembered!  I said I would explain why repeating affirmations that are not emotionally supported by your beliefs can be counter-productive.  I promise I shall discuss that in a future post as thing one has taken up more time/space than I’d anticipated!  Watch out for it.  I am also preparing a little book for you called Failure at the tip of your tongue. It deals with the subject of the language of our beliefs, how it sets us up for failure and how we can change our beliefs and language to create what we truly desire!  Watch out for that one too :-)


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