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"What can I tell you about happiness that you don’t already know at the very core of your being?  You may have ‘forgotten’ perhaps, as I have.  But let’s remember, together.  Let's return to the original Self we long for - that Self that is forever at peace, forever joyous, limitless, powerful, abundant and free!  And as we do, let's become Conscious Creators, Bold Adventurers, creatively exploring infinite possibilities as we flow in this enchanting journey we casually call Life!"

Being happy means being powerful!

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In case I haven’t said it before or not said it clearly enough, this website is about helping people live the life of happiness that we all ultimately desire.  Actually, I believe I have stated and spoken this quite clearly here :-).

I believe that the way to do this is to awaken to the truth of who we really are – that ’self’ that transcends the realm of personality and its conditioned existence.  That self that is variously called the ‘unconditioned’, the Nameless, God, Buddha-nature, Brahman, Allah etc.  Why do I say this?

Because this is ultimately who we truly are and as long as we do not recognize and live from and as who we truly are, we will be living from and as who we truly are not!  And it is as the ‘who we are not’ that we experience all forms of suffering, dissatisfaction, neediness, limitation, helplessness, unworthiness, fear etc.  In other words, it is as the ‘who we are not’ that we experience unhappiness.

‘Who we truly are’ is harmony, joy, limitlessness, powerful and complete.  We must awaken to the truth of ‘who we truly are’ and remain awake in this truth!

One of our common experiences as ‘who we are truly not’ is the experience of powerlessness which is often expressed as anger, frustration, hopelessness, unworthiness, fear and impatience.  The feeling of powerlessness stems from our belief that someone or something else has charge of our happiness.

Have you noticed, how, in the space of a few seconds you can swing from being quite serene and joyous to feeling incensed or worthless simply on account of what someone has said or done? Even as I have been writing this, I have had such an experience, all within the space of five minutes!

I had been writing this post when I received a call about a matter which I had been quite angry about.  Although I had been feeling quite peaceful while writing, the outcome of the phone call left me feeling angry again.  As I was considering my next course of action, I received an email about a completely unrelated matter, one that reflected a person’s delight upon reading something I had written.  My mood shifted instantly!  Whereas I had been scowling only a few seconds before, I was now smiling!  (I still am as I continue to write this :-)).

To be so much at the mercy of the words and actions of other people and things is what leaves us powerless, a powerlessness that is only ever experienced as ‘who we are truly not’.  But we are not powerless beings.  That is not who we truly are!

When we take the time to shift our attention from the physical/material world of people, things and events to the world from which these things/events emerge, we find a different reality, a deeper, more constant reality, a reality which is imperturbable, unaffected by the vicissitudes of conditioned living.  This reality is imbued with peace and joy.  This reality is powerful, filled with the power of pure energy, the energy of unconditioned love.  This is the reality that we must tune into.  It is not a separate reality.  On the contrary, it is who/what we truly are!

As we learn to tune into this reality, we find ourselves shifting into a frequency of high energy.  It is the energy of unconditional love – free, limitless, creative, joyful and powerful!  Nothing is beyond you.  You are no longer enslaved by the childish, willful demands of your ego into which you have been conditioned from even before birth!  Instead, you are how you truly are – free and happy!  This is where your true power lies!  You are, by nature, a powerful being!

Like me, you too will likely lose sight of the reality of who you truly are as you become absorbed by the events of your day but the more you pause and learn to tune into it, the more easily you will bring yourself back to it each time you ’slip out’.  In truth, we never ’slip out’.  Rather, our attention strays because we have learned to consider the physical/material world as real and true and anything else as not or at least as not as real and true!

What is more, we have also learned to believe the thoughts we have that are associated with the physical/material world!  We believe, almost unquestioningly, everything we think!  Don’t!  Don’t believe everything you think! Stop and see what lies behind, under or beyond your thoughts.  Examine that!  Venture into that thought-free world and explore it.  You will be awe-struck for you will experience that joy and power and love and freedom that you have been futilely seeking in the external physical/material world!  What is more, it is where you will find true choice because of its/your unlimited potential!

Yes, power-up to your true reality of freedom and happiness!

Lucy Lopez

Awakening to Happiness!

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3 comments to Being happy means being powerful!

  • Great article as usual. This probably can’t be answered very easily, but how does one go about bringing this type of higher awarness to a loved one? I started out a while back by pointing things out to this person but then found that I should just lead by example. I continue to lead by my own example to be in balance and at peace, however I am still met with resistance from this loved one. If only they could partake in this. They have been so conditioned and I think like being in this state of, no control of the mind and how to shift your thoughts. I’ve often been called a Robot for not letting anger, depression, or other feelings spiral me out of control, which is just laughable. Any advice you could give on helping out a very close loved one in seeing that you can be happy and transform your life would be appreciated. Have a great day! :)

  • [...] above was a comment/question I received to my last post, Being happy means being powerful! I thought I would respond to it in a post rather than as a [...]

  • Hi Larry, thanks for your comment and question. It is such an important and relevant one to all of us, I think! I have responded to it in my latest post and will continue in one after that. Blessings!

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