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How do you handle barriers to your happiness?

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Here’s a situation.  You’re driving along a main street.  The traffic is flowing smoothly.  About ten minutes on, however, you encounter a road block.  What do you do?

Do you get out of your car, gather all the tools you have in the boot of your car and proceed to dismantle the block?


Do you get out of your car and remove the road block?


Do you by-pass the road block by taking the signed detour?

I’m sure you’ll choose the third option, right?  So why is it that when it comes to the barriers/blocks that we encounter in our lives, we seldom use this option?  Instead, we wastefully pour our energy into the first or second type of action, either trying to unravel this block or remove it.

If, for instance, you find yourself being distrustful of a certain person (a road block/barrier to your happiness), are you likely to obsess about what it was in your past that made you distrustful and how you can undo that past experience?  Or do you try to remove the person that you consider responsible from your life altogether?  Or are you able to acknowledge the distrust (which is a mental state of your conditioning)  and move on by taking another route, a route of trust, openness, forgiveness etc (guided by your inner wisdom)  in this case?

In taking another route, remember, you are still continuing to move towards your destination.  It is just that you are following a less effortful path, one that flows downstream.  In other words, you are moving in your natural flow of happiness.

Now here is something equally important to keep in mind.  The road block in my hypothetical situation is temporary.  It will be removed at some point.  This is yet another reason why trying to dismantle or remove it yourself is a wasteful use of your energy.

Likewise, the distrust or fear or anger or worthlessness or sadness that you feel is a temporary feeling.  If left to itself, it will dissipate.  If, however, you choose to hold on to it, well then, expect to be saddled with it until you choose to let it go.

For as long as you hold on to it, your attention (whether conscious or unconscious) will be trapped by it and with your attention, your energy.  The result is that you have less or no energy to direct to moving  towards your destination.  Put another way, by holding on to what you do not want i.e. distrust, anger, etc, you are unable to direct your attention fully to what you do want.

Finally, if, to continue with my roadblock analogy, you should decide that you wish to stay put until the roadblock is removed, you could end up waiting for a very long time with no guarantee that it will be removed!

What’s the corollary of this in our personal lives?

If you decide to wait for the things/people/situations in your life to change before you continue on your journey…yes, you get it….you could be waiting forever :).

So, consider what the roadblocks/barriers in your life are that are preventing you from cruising down that natural stream of happiness.  You don’t have to know them inside out, their particular ‘history’/'make’/'material’/'model’/'manufacture date or place’ etc.  You just need to acknowledge that they are there.  See them for what they are.  Don’t fight with them.  Don’t stay angry with them.  Don’t demand they change or be removed.  Just acknowledge them, consider a different route (which will always be associated with feelings of peace and joy) and move on!


Lucy Lopez

Awakening to Happiness!

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2 comments to How do you handle barriers to your happiness?

  • I think the hardest part is actually recognising the road block in the first place. Once you see what is holding you back, it’s not quite so difficult to deal with it. There are certainly some people who I can now happily call “road blocks”! And definitely find a detour around them.
    Most perceptive article, as always.

  • Thanks for your comment Jan.

    Yes, recognizing our ‘roadblocks’ is a tricky thing especially because we are so focused on holding other people and things responsible for our responses or lack of! Ultimately, though, regardless of who or what is in our way, we still have the power and choice to find a way around them!

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