A blog about Inner Happiness, Consciousness and Freedom!
"What can I tell you about happiness that you don’t already know at the very core of your being?  You may have ‘forgotten’ perhaps, as I have.  But let’s remember, together.  Let's return to the original Self we long for - that Self that is forever at peace, forever joyous, limitless, powerful, abundant and free!  And as we do, let's become Conscious Creators, Bold Adventurers, creatively exploring infinite possibilities as we flow in this enchanting journey we casually call Life!"


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The following is a list of all the posts you will find at this blog except for the most recent ones. You will find links to those on the right side bar under ‘Recent Posts’.

But there’s always that question…

No limit to how many times you can answer this question about happiness!

When the genie said the obvious…”Your wish is my command”

‘Self-discipline’ – do we really need it?

Imagine, focus, intend and be inspired by a message from Yoko Ono Lennon and Amnesty International

*Feeling* your desires into reality – it’s easier than you think!

From I-llness to We-llness, it’s time to personally experience the greater consciousness

Don’t bother reading this if you are already happy, wealthy and free

Do you struggle with ‘must do’s’ and ‘want to do’s’?

‘Give to Live’ – the way to reach into your natural happiness!

An email from President Barack Obama on the death of Ted Kennedy

Are you ready to enter the doorway in your mind to the place of infinite power, happiness, peace and abundance?

What role have you really assigned your ‘Significant Other’?

Commit to living the life of your dreams everyday in small and unique ways

The irony of finding happiness

Johnny Barnes, happiness, doing what you love and connecting!

Does your sense of self-worth or ‘more than’ derive from judging others as ‘less than’?

Do you really believe that happiness is a matter of effort or have you realized it’s a matter of focus?

Are YOU prepared to play with your words and your mind or are you happy to let others do it?

Have you developed habits of happiness?

Planting seeds of happiness and financial independance and providing them with the right conditions

Twitter asks ‘What are you doing?’ while Wisdom asks ‘How are you feeling?’

The individuality and universality of Michael Jackson

Let your breath point you to your naturally powerful, free and joyous nature!

Are you prepared to give 5 minutes a day to tune in to your Happiness?

Do not let your natural joy be overriden by your unnatural fear!

How does visualization work and why is it powerful?

The power of thought, emotion and belief by Gregg Braden

How to live and achieve joyfully by being ‘in the flow’

If it isn’t happiness, what then are you really after?

Happiness requires ‘zero tolerance’ to ‘Satan’!

There is nothing beyond you and your happiness!

Finding your inner rainbow of happiness.

Being happy is being supercharged!

Don’t settle for anything less than the truth of who you truly are!

Living from the clouds of inspiration!

How do you handle barriers to your happiness?

How we can help another to be happy in our relationships

Are envy and the struggle for excellence obstructing your natural flow/happiness?

How do we help others to be happy?

Being happy means being powerful!

How to live and achieve joyfully by being ‘in the flow’

Living from the clouds of inspiration!

How do you handle barriers to your happiness?

How we can help another to be happy in our relationships

Are envy and the struggle for excellence obstructing your natural flow/happiness?

How do we help others to be happy?

Being happy means being powerful!

How to live and achieve joyfully by being ‘in the flow’

A simple and rapid 3-step technique to keep you in happiness consciousness

Be happy, live fully and never fear death!

The burial of happiness. Does this feel familiar?

Meditation on healing anger

A guided visualization to help you with anger management

Practical steps you can take to stay happy by effectively managing your anger

How anger is a barrier to your state of happiness and what you can do about it

Happiness, Spirituality and Financial Independence

It is done to you as you believe – a revisit

Did Jesus die happy?

Remember the happy, healing Doctor ‘Patch’ Adams?

Nick Vujicic: I love living. I am Happy

Are you struggling your way to joy?

Dance your joy now!

Happiness and spiritual growth

Can happiness and pyschological time slow down aging?

Happiness and Spiritual awakening

You couldn’t possibly want to be happy all the time, could you?

The man who fished at Walden Pond

What does Michael J Fox know about happiness?

Get ‘real’ and be happy!

You’ve learned to be unhappy. Now learn to be happy!

What have you done towards your happiness today?

A beautiful meditation for the happiness of all

Soaring in happiness like Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

Bill Gates has an answer on happiness. But what is the question?

Billy Connolly on happiness and contentment

An absurd thought a day keeps the miseries away!

Be an inspiration to yourself!

Did you forget?

Do you get jealous?

Doing more by being more!

“That could never be me”

Will they be talking about your passion for life when you die?

Shut up. And open to…

Would you say Yes or No?

An antidote to negativity

Should you bite your tongue and hold back?

Don’t take it personally!

Prayer of Creation

To our Greatness and Goodness – To Compassionate Blogging!

How to be happy

A name is one word too many

An interruption

Whatever you believe, you are right!

There’s nothing Perverse about Watching Yourself instead of Paris Hilton!

Which would you prefer? Happiness or the Perfect Relationship?

Bushfires and Germaine Greer Factors

Finding my position in St Mary’s playing field

WOW! is back! Woo Hoo!

What awaits me?

Following your Feelings – Wisdom or Hedonism?

Poems from the Garden of Love

What if…?

To Blogging Awards and Beyond!

The Awakening Mind is…

What decisions have you made today?

In Crisis there is Opportunity!

Have you got time to Love?

The Soul squeals in utter delight!

Look into my Eyes and meet me where we truly are!

What, my Human Being?

Interconnectedness – It is I!

Interconnectedness – You bet it matters!

Interconnectedness – Does it affect me?

If Money wasn’t an Issue…

Communion of Spirit

Are You Holding Your Poise?

Insights along the Way

The Flowing Mirror of the Soul

Imagining the Soul with help from James Hillman

On the Soul Trail

Packing for my Soul-Discovery

It is done to you as you Believe

Overweight and Unaware

What is this Perfection?

10 Things that make me Happy

Not Right or Wrong but Perfect

What does your Past have to do with your Future?

Eeenie Meenie minor mo…Why is it so hard to know???

I’m in the market for Bewilderment!

The Baby gets Married

Ground Zero

This blog is safe again! Woo Hoo!

An update on a recent Security Breach

The difference between Regret and Guilt

A matter of Guilt (continued)

My Free ‘high consciousness’ ebook for Parents and Kids

A matter of Guilt

Listen to the rain.

Following the Great Digg, what now?

May the peace that holds us still..

This strangeness

I bless it

Have you ever felt alone? Achingly alone?

Take me

Don’t have time for Patience?

Let’s talk about Fear, baby…

Why is it a Problem?

Give Peace a Chance

Conditioned, Unconditioned. What are they?

How do I drop my Conditioning?

Reflections on Love Part 2

Reflections on Love Part 1

Prayer of Healing Part 2

Prayer of Healing Part 1

How long does this pain need to last?

Will I Wed You in Lavender?

Why ask Me? or Stop Bugging Me!

My Naked God


As a Mother

Unconditional Love and Service

New Ageism

Words and The Living Word

How to Pray and Who to Pray to?

How do I Forgive Myself?

It bothers me that my partner is materialistic…

How can I Release my Anger?

What is Sin?

Should I give up meat?

Can we love without attachment?

Does Carlos Santana have any idea…?

Following your Feelings – Wisdom or Hedonism?

In my Light

Spiritual orgasms with Carlos Santana

“I can’t stop my mind from thinking!”

The difference each one of us makes

How much do you really want what you say you want?

Of Christmas giving – skip the chocolate and caramel?

How would you like to start each day?

Gratitude versus saying ‘Thanks’

Are we stressed now???

What is this thing called ‘loneliness’?

(Deceptively) Simple Truths!

The (ig)noble flames of anger

Derailing the telemarketer’s train

I am tired of fighting

Commit now to being happy!

Your beliefs can help you heal

Does your ‘Faith’ cause you to reject or is it truly empowering?

Why do we clap?

Controlling devices – Obligation and Money

There are no problems

From “I am angry” to “Anger is happening”

There’s a Briefcase solution for every problem!

Thanking the ‘faceless’

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