Spirit, Mind and Body


The Spirit (Causal) is the original, all-encompassing life/love force in which and from which all things, form and formless, come into being.  The Mind (Active) is the thinking system in which the life force is held and directed by thought.  The Body (Effect) is the resulting manifestation of our thinking.


There is nothing that operates outside this triune; this system of reality that is self-creating. While we have all been operating within this system, most of us have been doing so without proper understanding of how it works.  Consequently, we have misused it and/or used it incidentally rather than deliberately, intentionally.  The result?  We have found life to be effortful, a struggle, where our goals seem to be thwarted time and time again.  We experience ‘failure’.  We have come to accept that there are things/people outside us that have greater power over us.  We may believe that we are undeserving and/or that we must struggle in order to ‘succeed’. 


We may feel that we have ‘followed the rules’, planned, set goals and done all the ‘hard work’.  Yet, we do not have the life we truly want.  In fact, we have slowly let go of the life that we truly want.  We settle for less.  We settle for a limited and limiting life.  In time, we become afraid to set goals, or we set only those goals that we believe we can achieve.  In other words, we accept that there are goals we cannot achieve.


We become afraid of dreaming and so forget how to dream.  Yet, it was dreaming that brought us into being, according to the Law of Creation.  By this law, Intention or The Word poured Spirit into form, into physical and material reality (In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with god and the word was god…and the word was made flesh, Jn I:1,15).  As forms of that One Spirit, we each hold the same ability to intend, to think our goals into reality. 


Some of us may experience small gains and, every now and again, even big gains, and we may have our theories about how these have come about.  Sometimes, we have no theories at all other than the ‘theory’ of ‘chance’ or ‘good luck’. 


In the triune, there is no such thing as ‘chance’.  Everything we experience has come about as a result of our own thinking.  No more and no less.  Change your thinking and you change your experiences.


© Lucy Lopez