“The supreme happiness of life is

the conviction that we are loved”

Victor Hugo



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“Love rules without rules”

Italian proverb


Dear Friend



Would it shock you terribly if I told you that I don’t recall the word ‘love’ ever used in my family in ordinary conversation when I was growing up?  The only time I did hear it was during evening prayers which my father religiously led us in daily.  


It was little surprise, therefore, that ‘love’ wasn’t a word I used easily or comfortably as a young adult and while I was married.  Having children helped greatly but, through the history of my family, I would also hear the word used almost flippantly and sometimes manipulatively. 


In my experience, therefore, I have gone from almost never hearing the word ‘love’ (bar in a religious context) to hearing it being somewhat ‘ab-used’!


Did this influence my understanding and experience of love?  You bet it did.  Did it remain the sole influence?  No, thank goodness.  But it did set the stage for my dedicated exploration of this phenomenon we call ‘love’. 


In fact, over the years (and there have been many), I have kept my ears close to the ground, the ground of love that is.  Through the relationships that I had following the breakdown of my marriage and as a single woman, parent and mentor since, I have read and listened to what others have had to say from the fields of psychology to spirituality and science. 


I have reflected on my personal experiences and those of my clients.  I have observed myself and others and I have meditated.  In other words, I have ‘studied’ love through a number of ‘real life’ modalities!


What I have learned from all this has enabled me to love better, to live better and to help others love and live better.  It has helped me understand, accept and experience myself and others so much more authentically, richly and in ways that I had never thought possible! 


It has kept me from falling victim to the unpredictability of relationships without the loss of faith or passion!  And it has helped me maintain a sense of equanimity or even-mindedness through some very painful life experiences.  


Embedded in most of our minds are myths about love, fears about love and conflicting and disempowering beliefs about love. 


If you have wondered why it seems so hard to love or to be loved or why love, which is supposed to be a wonderful thing, can also be the cause of such terrible heartache, then I am certain that The Love Course will help clear things up for you. 


In a no-nonsense yet loving way, The Love Course will


·        Explain some of the most perplexing things about ‘love’. 


·        De-myth-ify the most commonly held myths about love and relationships.


·        Lead you gently through a series of questions, exercises, meditations and visualizations to help you identify and sort through your own beliefs, doubts, (mis)understandings and expectations about love. 


·        Give you many opportunities to reflect on and re-assess your dominant and conscious as well as subtle and subconscious thoughts, words and behaviours that characterize your relationships.


·        Teach you specific skills to help you overcome unloving habits of thought, speech and behaviour


·        Help you build the confidence you need to love effortlessly, freely and fully.


In short, The Love Course will help you love and live life more joyously, richly and successfully than you have ever done!


If you are still doubtful, try answering the following questions as honestly as you can:


1.   Are you happy?  Or does pain or dissatisfaction or restlessness outweigh the joyful experiences in your life? 


2.   Do you find yourself judging, chastising, criticizing or getting impatient with yourself or someone close to you?


3.   Are you generally happy and comfortable with who you are as a person?


4.   Do you find yourself entering into relationships because you need to be loved and accepted?


5.   Do you find that you are in need of reassurance about your worthiness, value or lovability?


6.   Do you feel loving and loved?  Or are you afraid to show love and equally afraid to receive love?


7.   Are your decisions (big and small) driven by love thus leaving you feeling joyous, peaceful and powerful?  Or are they driven by fear, guilt and/or anger thus leaving you feeling anxious and powerless?


8.   Do you feel in control of your life?  Or do you feel a victim of the people and situations in your life?


In short, are you living in love?


For most of us, the hardest lessons of love tend to occur in the school of so-called ‘romanticrelationships/partnerships or marriage.  Yet, there is a much larger school called ‘life in general’ whose lessons in love we have largely ignored, dismissed or failed to see the significance of. 


You see, love is not confined to particular relationships despite what Hollywood would have you believe.  No, love is the very fabric of life and we must recognize it everywhere if we are to recognize it at all!  How do you do this?


Let me show you. 


Sign up for The Love Course.  It is offered in two Options.  One without my weekly feedback, the other with.  If cost is a factor (and please note how drastically I have reduced my price just so that many more people can benefit from this wonderful program), then purchase the former.  However, I would encourage you purchase the latter as it will give you the added company of a fellow-traveler.


If you feel that you are living at less than 100% of your love/life potential, I urge you to sign up for the course that could seriously turn things around for you. 


If you want more joy, less fear, a greater sense of control and peace, this course will certainly help you!



Living in Love is NOT a Random thing


Too many of us believe that we’re either lucky in love or we’re not.  In other words, we believe that living joyously, peacefully, abundantly, passionately and freely is a rather random affair, or one predetermined by some quirk of fate aka god, destiny, the stars, karma etc.


I want to assure you that there is nothing random or predetermined, at least not by any external force.  You and only you determine your life experiences!  With your beliefs and perceptions, you create your life experiences.


Now I know you’ve heard this many, many times before.  It’s ‘new age speak’!  You even say it to yourself and others.  And yet, while you want to believe it and even think that you believe it, your beliefs are not reflected in the life you’re living. 


What do I mean by that?  Well, if you did believe that you determine your life, surely your life would be blissful and perfect, offering you all the love, romance, power, freedom and creative space you ever wanted, right?


So, why isn’t it so?


Could it be that


You don’t know how?


If so, here is a wonderful opportunity to learn how in a convenient, gently paced, hugely affordable way!


Sign up for The Love Course 


A 6-week EXPERIENTIAL course

that could

Change the Course of Your Life!



This is a six-lesson course delivered to you by email over six weeks!  Here is how it works:


Each week, you will be sent some notes for reading and reflection.  You will also be given an exercise in meditation and/or self-observation.  And you will be required to answer a few questions based on your experiences and observations.  You will email your responses to me and I shall respond with some feedback to help you along*. 


That’s it!  How simple is that????


Now, let me say this:  Don’t let the simplicity of the course fool you into thinking that its results are insignificant.  Quite the contrary.  The impact of this course is profound!  I say this with such confidence because this course draws on materials and methods that I have used in my 12-week mentoring program; a program that has turned lives around! 


People who have done my Mentoring program have experienced huge shifts in their lives, enabling them to live more peacefully, joyfully, lovingly and wisely, with greater acceptance, self-awareness and true power!  It has given them the confidence to seek and maintain loving, peaceful, joyful and freeing relationships!  It has made them more self-aware so that they can tell when they are acting from love and when they are acting from fear.  This in itself is a freeing and empowering thing!


 Sign up for The Love Course


A Simple Course

with Profound Results!



So, what’s in the course?  Here’s what you’ll be reading about, reflecting on and doing exercises in:


Week 1 -  Crazy little thing called ‘love’  Part One

Week 2 -  Crazy little thing called ‘love’  Part Two

Week 3 -  Thinking in love

Week 4 -  Listening in love

Week 5 -  Speaking and acting in love

Week 6 -  Falling in love and staying in love


And here is what you will Learn through The Love Course:


>The true meaning of love


>The common myths about love and why are we so attached to them


>Why it is impossible to live without love


>The awesome truth about fear


>The awesome truth about love


>What it is like to think, feel, speak and act in love towards yourself


>What it is like to think, feel, speak and act in love towards another


>The 5 steps to immediately get you thinking in love


>How you can replace old, unwanted disempowering beliefs, no matter how deeply held, with empowering beliefs that you choose


>How to relate to yourself lovingly, unconditionally


>How to develop and maintain mental, verbal and behavioral habits of love


>How to recognize and change habits of fear


>Powerful Meditations/Visualizations (including one audio version) to establish a stable, loving internal environment and radiate the glow of love      


and so much more….



Remember, this course requires both understanding and practice!  In other words, it is experiential.  It is hands on.  It is about you.  It is not about some abstract concepts.  It is about you living your life and creating the life of love that you so desire!  And you do this with a co-traveler – someone who has traveled with many others along a similar journey! 


That’s right.  I am here as your companion and, when necessary, as your guide.  Together, we will journey in love!  Can you imagine how beautiful and freeing that would be??? 


I urge you: Sign up for The Love Course. Now.  It could change everything for you!  Seriously.



Dear Friend, I am aware that many people (and you may be one of them) are feeling the financial pinch and foregoing on some terrific opportunities for self-nourishment and growth.  If anything, these are the times when they most need it, which is why I have decided to severely reduce the price of The Love Course and offer it in two irresistible options.  Besides, I don’t want to lose out on the rewarding experience of helping people like you get more out of life, so much more!


So, are you Ready to Go? 

Here’s what you have to do:



Below are the options to choose from.  Please bear in mind that this course normally sells for $90 AUD/$75 USD…



OPTION 1 – For a mere AUD$20/USD$15, you can have the entire 6-weeks’ Notes, Exercises and Meditation practices of The Love Course. 


OPTION 2For an additional $10 i.e. for a mere AUD$30/USD$22.50 , you can have the entire 6-weeks’ Notes, Exercises and Meditation practices PLUS my weekly personalized feedback on your responses to the exercises.


That’s all there is to it!  I hope you’ll take advantage of this beautiful opportunity!  For a very small investment in time and an incredibly small investment in money, you could start to experience profound changes in your life!

And while you’re at it, perhaps you know of someone who would truly benefit from this course, not because there’s something wrong with them but because they want something more….If so, please share this message with them.


Thank You and I look forward to journeying with you in love! 


*Not included in Option 1 


I’m ready to really start Living in Love. 

It’s absolutely crazy to Live any other way!

I’m ready to get more, so much more out of My Life!


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Lucy Lopez is a mentor, meditation and retreat guide, workshop facilitator and speaker in the field of Personal and Spiritual development.  Her commitment to her ongoing spiritual growth together with her background in education, research in cognitive psychology and integrated (Spirit-Mind-Body) healing as well as her daily meditation practice enables her to write, teach and guide from a richly informed and deeply experiential place.  You can find out more about Lucy at www.lucylopez.net



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