WOW! ~ Are you Wild on Wonders yet????


Now Jo, you know the truth, donít you?You know that your thoughts create your world, for better or for worse, donít you?Youíve suspected this for a long time but you didnít really want to believe it, did you? I mean, who wants to believe that they are creating things they donít want?


Well Jo, you had better believe it. Because thatís the power of your thoughts. Yup.Dynamite!


Fear thoughts create fear worlds.Love thoughts create love worlds.Simple equations Jo, and without the maths too!


Fill your mind with the love thoughts Jo.They are soooooooo much better for you and for the rest of the universe.But you already knew that didnít you?




From your Wondersource


PS Are you Wild on Wonders yet???


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WOW! - Are you Wild on Wonders yet????


You know this thing called Time, Peter?Well, actually, you probably donít know it.But you do seem to be affected by Ďití, whatever Ďití is, donít you?



Now, there are many ways of thinking about time Peter.Some say itís an illusion.Others say it waits for no man and no woman.Still others talk about time as money.



Peter, whatever has been said or thought and done about time, itís important that you remember this:



Each moment that you have is a FRESH one.Pay attention to that 888.Let me say it again:



Each moment, without exception, that presents itself to you is FRESH!

Yes, Peter.It is BRAND NEW.It is UNCONDITIONED.It is FREE of all the baggage that you have been carrying all your life!



Thing is, Peter, are you going to allow it to remain free or are you going to fill it with your baggage?



Tick, tick, tick, tickÖ..

Iím waiting for your answer Peter.Our work together canít begin until you decideÖ.



From Your Wondersource

PS Are you Wild on Wonders yet????


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WOW! - Are you Wild on Wonders yet????


Tams, there is so much you and I have to talk about!


Itís true we have been talking from beginningless time but as youíve been learning, the language of love (and I mean love, not that stuff that they sell in your magazines and movies and songs about neediness and helplessness and incompletenessÖ) does take a while to master!


Well, actually Tams, itís not about mastering.It is simply about allowing.Itís a small word Tams, but itís pretty powerful.Itís how Wonders happen.


You see Tams, you have always been love and loving.Long before you ever learnt to be needy and attached and fearful, you were loving. And guess what Tams?You still are!Thatís unchangeable.Thatís beyond law.That is just how it is.


So Tams, allow.Allow the love that you are to be.


You want to know how?


Easy.With your mind and heart (and you really have to want it Tams), simply say: I allow myself to be that which I truly am Ė love.


Boom!Done!Powerful stuff!Dynamite.


Try it.


No, not today.


Right now!


Go on Tams.Donít be afraid.Remember what you are?Yup Ė that Luuuuuuve thang???


Love, Your Wondersource


PS Are you Wild on Wonders yet???


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