You’re finally here.


It was inevitable, wasn’t it?  What happened this time? 


“He left?  For good?”  “She lied?  Again?”  “He found someone else?”


She’s been threatening you about the kids and you’re so mad you feel you might just lose it, completely?


Or did they call you in at HR to tell you they were ‘letting you go?’


Was today the day you nearly went over the edge, put an end to it all?


Or perhaps that hard to define restlessness that had been bubbling away all these years has finally surfaced…there’s no passion left, no inspiration, no joy, no purpose…Can life really be so lifeless?


So…somehow, you found your way here, not even sure what you want but knowing and hating what you don’t want. 


You must be crazy, thinking someone you don’t know and have never seen could possibly help. 


Well, maybe you are…but no more than I am for assuring you that I can.  I’ve helped others and I know I can help you.  I know it without a shadow of a doubt.


It doesn’t matter where in the world you are.  If you’ve got access reading this, you’ve got access to me.  I assure you the journey you’ll take with me will be one that will change you forever.  Not because of any exceptional power I possess but because of the exceptional power that YOU ARE!


So, may I suggest that you’re here for something so fundamental, so pure, so life-giving, it’s a crime to withhold it from yourself. 


You’re here because you simply want to be happy, prosperous and free and you’re looking for someone who can help you be that. 


You’ve struggled long and hard enough.  You needn’t have but you did.  No more though.  No more. 


Here and now is when you decide – No more!


Here and now is when you decide – I was born for joy, for abundance, for freedom and it’s time I acknowledge it and live my true purpose! 


Here and now is when you take that critical step towards freedom from all the struggles and freedom to be all that you truly are!


And here and now is where I offer to help you fulfill such a fundamental and pure desire.  In offering my help, I am making the following claims – that I am…


Someone who recognizes you as the person in charge of your life and as the power that creates the changes you desire.


Someone who is committed to helping you live the full and free life you truly desire and be the person you want to be. 


Someone who will teach you specific skills to help you deal with not just the problem at hand but any problem.


Someone who can teach you about your personal powerhouse i.e. your mind and show you how to make it work for rather than against you.


In short, someone who recognizes your deep desire for happiness and can show you how to access it. Immediately and effortlessly.


I want to help you.  Will you let me?



Hi!  My name is Lucy Lopez.



I have a deep and yearning passion to help you attain and sustain the kind of peace, joy and freedom that I enjoy. It’s a passion that burns joyously and hungrily within me and I would be honored and thrilled if you’ll let me guide you through an amazing journey of awakening, of self-awareness and its guaranteed gifts of happiness, prosperity and freedom!


And my claim to knowing how?  My own journey, over many years of struggle (don’t be fooled by my photograph – I’m a lot older than I look – a testimony to how the inner state expresses outwardly!)



     Something for you to think about…


Do you think it is possible to be ‘successful’ in some or several areas of your life and still feel dissatisfied, unhappy, restless, insecure or lost?


As a mentor in personal and spiritual empowerment, I know that the answer to this question is an unequivocal ‘YES’.  In fact, the majority of the people whom I work with are people who enjoy many forms of success, professionally, socially and financially.  Yet, they feel a need to seek help with particular ‘issues’ in their life. 


Typically, many of them would have sought the help of other professionals prior to coming to me. 


In my work with them, however, the first principle that is established is that their particular ‘issue’ is nothing more than a reflection of a mind conditioned to think, feel and therefore direct their actions in certain habitual ways, resulting of course, in the same sorts of outcomes/problems/situations that they experience.


Thus, the first key to the work that we do is an understanding of the way our mind works.  This understanding is obtained through self-observation without judgment and compassionate self-reflection, resulting in unconditional self-acceptance!


The second critical key to our work is the ongoing discovery of who we truly are – that aspect of us that sits under, beyond, above, beside our thoughts, feelings, words, actions etc; all those things that are collectively referred to as the ‘personality’. 


You see, your personality is something that has been constructed and shaped by your life experiences from as early as your existence in your mother’s womb. 


But you are not your personality.  You are infinitely more!  And as you discover this ‘more’ that you are, you move beyond the limitations of your personality and your conditioned mind.  You start to experience and express the qualities of your true nature, some of which are


Peace, Joy, Abundance, Freedom, Limitlessness, Fearlessness, Love, Creativity, Passion, Delight, Bliss…and so much more!


With these Two Keys:


·         Understanding how your mind works

·         Discovering who you truly are


you now have everything you need to deal with any ‘issue’. 




In fact, here are some of the empowering and liberating changes you will experience:


·         You will find that things cease to be ‘issues’ or ‘problems’.  Can you imagine that???  A life without ‘problems’!!  You will begin to see things/people/situations as nothing more than harmless ‘events’ or happenings’ which no longer have power over you. 


·         You will develop a deep and powerful sense of truly knowing, i.e. feeling it on every level of your being (not just as an idea that you find appealing) that you are the creator of ALL your life experiences rather than a passive recipient/victim of other people’s words or actions or external circumstances. 


·         You will experience true, lasting peace and joy, finding delight in more and more.  This will be your dominant, default state rather than a state you have so far had to engineer with the use of any number of strategies, from retail therapy to sex… J


·         You will learn to recognize ALL your feelings, not just some of them, ceasing to be afraid of the ‘unpleasant’ ones so that you stop hiding them, resisting them, fighting them or ignoring them.  Instead, you will learn to allow your feelings to inform and guide you as is their function. 


·         You will learn how to choose good feelings as the guide to the decisions you make and the actions you take.


·         You will rediscover the glorious art of dreaming – something that you did instinctively as a child – and you will learn to follow your dreams because they are your true calling!


In short, you will start living the life you truly want to be living and being the person that you truly want to be on ALL levels – physically, materially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!


Too good to be true?  Not at all. 



My 12 (or 6) week Mentoring Program (depending on your needs and where you are in your journey) is designed for


Happiness and Freedom through Self-awareness!


It is a journey of discovery, self-observation, self-discovery and self-realization!


If you are reading this and have got this far, you can be certain that you and I share a common interest – your happiness and liberation and, by virtue of that, mine too!


Perhaps you could benefit from time with me.  Perhaps, despite the 90% that seems to be going well for you, the remaining 10% is troublesome enough to make you want more.


Or perhaps, right now, its 90% of your life that needs a work over, or so it feels!  And you may have reached a point where you feel that no one can possibly help you.  To some extent that is true.  You and you alone, are the only one who can make things happen for you.  But, you may not necessarily know how.  That’s where you could seriously benefit from time with me.



√My process involves deep, heart-listening. 


√It involves silence which is where our deepest wisdom resides.


√It involves entering with you into the field of infinite possibilities. 


√It involves gently and lovingly encountering your truth, no matter how painful, inconvenient or ugly it may be. 


√It involves the logic of truth which is never the pseudo logic of the ego. 


√It involves learning skills that you can use instantly with powerful and seemingly miraculous effect.  


√It involves a REFLECTION SHEET that I prepare addressing you and your particular situation and that you respond to following each session.


√It involves recognizing, celebrating and re-establishing YOU as the creator of the destiny YOU CHOOSE and


√It involves laughter, lots and lots of it, as I laugh at myself and you laugh at yourself and we both laugh over each other! 




Talk to any of my clients.  Let them tell you about their experience.  Contact me for their contact details or read their testimonials here.


Talk to me.  Sound me out.  Determine for yourself if I am able to help you.


I am absolutely confident that I can and I say that without having met you or sounding you out.  How am I able to do that? 


Firstly, because the keys that work for one person work for all.  Without exception.


Secondly, because when I work with you, my focus is not just on you as a person, but more importantly, on you as an expression of ultimate truth, god, spirit, love or whatever else you choose to call that ‘more’ that you know you are.


In fact, I offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that if you don’t benefit from my mentoring in the way I say you can, I will give you your money back. 


But that’s not all.  If you decide to do my mentoring program, whether for 12 weeks or 6 weeks, you will have my Life-long support and guidance. 


This means that you can contact me at any time for the rest of your earthly life or mine (depending on whose ends firstJ) for ongoing support and guidance. 


You see, from time to time, we forget what we have learnt and personally discovered for ourselves.  At such times, it is useful to use your old mentor (rather like a trusted old reference book) that you keep going back to.  Some of my ex-clients (who have since become good friends) have been doing this much to their satisfaction and my pleasure!


How can I afford to offer you a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and LIFE-LONG SUPPORT/GUIDANCE? 


Three reasons:


1.        Because as my track record shows, people who do this program experience an awakening that sets them IRREVERSIBLY on the clear and conscious path to happiness

2.       Because no matter how many people do my program, only a few will need ongoing support which I am more than capable of accommodating

3.       Because I cannot help but want you (yes, you whom I don’t as yet know personally) to live the life you truly want


You see, I know what it feels like to live from fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, despair, dissatisfaction and sadness, all of which are habits of the conditioned personality.  And through my own study, self-observation and practice, I also know what it feels like to awaken to my limitless, free, peaceful, joyous, loving and unconditioned self.  As some of my clients have said, it’s like being born again…given a second chance to start over! 


To me, it is exhilarating!  I step into each day quietly excited about possibilities that are bound to unfold, waiting to be delighted and thrilled and I always am, in one way or another!  And I go to bed knowing that I have done the best I could, grateful for everything, without exception, and promptly launch into dreams for my future…!!! 


Does this sound like something you want for yourself? 


Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’! 


You know, you could go on ignoring your true calling toward happiness and settle for less because it feels 'safe'.  Or you could take that first step and at least look at what’s possible.  Then, if you still feel too scared to continue, you can always step back!  On the other hand, if you decide that life is truly to be enjoyed and you don’t want to waste another minute, I’ll show you how…the fun, easy and guaranteed -to- succeed way!


Contrary to what most people believe,

the best things in life come in a joyful and effortless way!


Contrary to what most people think, it doesn’t take long to shift from the conditioned to the unconditioned.  As my clients have frequently heard me say:  Change is only a thought away!  Literally.


I want to share my learning and my truths with you knowing how much they have helped others like you. 


I want to see more and more people living the lives they truly desire rather than the lives they have reluctantly and resentfully settled for.


Wouldn’t the world as a whole be a much better place if there were more happy people in it?


So…. are you serious about wanting to be happy?  I mean, dead-set serious?


Let’s not waste a moment more.  Listen to your heart!  If it tells you to find out more by getting in touch with me and/or visiting my website and/or contacting one of my clients, please do.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  (Remember I offer a !00% Satisfaction Guarantee!).


Now, I know that you’re thinking that what I’m offering doesn’t come without a fee.  You’re right.  There is a fee. 


You also might be feeling a little anxious about what the fees might be and whether you can afford them. 


I am not going to try and persuade you that my fees are fair and reasonable.  I generally don’t think in terms of ‘fair’ and ‘reasonable’.  Rather, I think in terms of what is useful i.e. whether something is likely to help me achieve a particular goal, a goal that my inner wisdom recognizes as good and useful. 


Neither am I going to try and persuade you that you can afford my fees.  As a client of mine recently told me, if there is something she really wants, she will find the means to get it.  That said, here are my program structures and fees:







1.5 hr face-face, telephone or online contact time

Pre-session notes

Post-session Reflection Sheet

Weekly practice


One-off $150 for Reflection Sheet + $100/week (fully refundable*)

Inclusive GST (Prices quoted in AUD. For US or UK check here)






1.5 hr face-face or telephone or online contact time

Pre-session notes

Post-session Reflection Sheet

Weekly practice


One-off $150 for Reflection Sheet + $100/week (fully refundable*)

Inclusive GST (Prices quoted in AUD. For US or UK check here)



Call/Email/Visit Lucy at


Mob:   0411 200 015




Both programs are offered with a







   * If you are not 100% satisfied, no questions asked :)